2) To support children’s right to play and participate

This theme underscores the central tenet of IPA, every child’s fundamental right to play and to safe, appropriate play opportunities, regardless of means, ability, culture or location. Children also have the right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and communities. This theme invites presentations related to:

  • Article 31 and the Right to Play; rights-based approaches to play
  • Inclusive play and play environments; play that celebrates diversity
  • Play and social justice; equitable access to play; freedom to play
  • Accessible play and playgrounds
  • Culturally appropriate play
  • Soliciting and celebrating children’s voices
  • Child and youth participation and engagement; participatory methods or projects
  • Play as a tool for engagement, collaboration and decision-making
  • Article 12 and the child’s right to be consulted about decisions that impact on their play