Exhibitors are expected to comply with any building regulations, health and safety regulations and venue regulations as required.


If you wish to cancel a booking, written notification must be provided to IPA Canada immediately. IPA Canada reserves the right to apply the following cancellation charges and to re-sell the space.

Cancellation being received before:

March 1 – April 1, 2017 20% of the total cost
May 1 – June 30, 2017 50% of the total cost
After July 1, 2017 100% of the cost

Exhibition Floor Plan
The IPA reserves the right to alter the layout of the exhibition at any time. All spaces are provided with a six-foot table and 2 chairs.

Booth Assignments
Booth numbers will be confirmed starting August 16, 2017 via email.  Booths will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Relocation/expansion requests are processed in priority sequence based on the date and time the competed Exhibitor Application form was received.  Multiple Booth Floor Plan Approval: Exhibitors occupying 4 or more booth spaces are required to submit a final booth floor plan to by August 31, 2017. Failure to comply will result in exhibit space reduction to 3 inline booths.


The IPA Canada, The City of Calgary and our volunteers accept no liability for loss or damage to any exhibit’s materials or any property of an exhibitor or contractor in any circumstances.

Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for the safety and insurance of their property.

Any losses should be reported immediately to the IPA Conference Office or by contacting one of our events team.

It is not advisable to leave items unattended at any time during the event.

The Calgary Telus Convention Centre (CTCC) will provide all security requirements in the facility.  See CTTC Building Regulations for Exhibitors.


We are in the process of negotiating storage solutions for exhibitors and will provide this information once it has been confirmed.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the Telus Convention Centre and delegates and exhibitors should move swiftly and calmly from the building exiting via the NORTH Entrance exit onto 8th Avenue (Stephen Avenue Walk). The muster point will be identified by the Telus Convention Centre Staff.

International Exhibitors
International Exhibitors who require a visa can request a Letter of Recognition for the event by contacting the Canada Border Services Agency. It is each exhibitor’s own responsibility to ensure that they have all relevant documentation for travel to Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency will also outline the types of goods you can bring to Canada for a conference. Please contact us at canada2017@ipaworld.org with a list of the goods you plan to bring and we will supply you with the letter required for importation.

As of 2016, Canada introduced a new entry requirement, known as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Canada by air.  Exceptions include US citizens and travelers with a valid visa.  For more information click here.