7) Through new technologies

The rapid emergence of digital technologies has had a profound influence on children’s use of media and popular culture as resources for play. Many blame children’s access to technologies for sedentary lifestyles and the decline of outdoor play. Others see rich possibilities in the new landscape of multimedia and virtual worlds. This theme invites consideration of the complex and changing relationships between play, technology, media and popular culture – of the possibilities as well as the challenges of play in a technologized world. Presentations within this theme could include the exploration of:

  • The impact of technology on play opportunities
  • Opportunities and possibilities for play in the digital world
  • Digital play; virtual play
  • Visual media and play
  • Play in and through film; digital storytelling
  • Play and play culture in digital and social media
  • The interface between play culture, popular culture and media culture
  • Play research using digital tools or environments
  • Virtual/digital playspaces; play in multiple realities; play in augmented realities