5) In community and public spaces

In many communities, children and play are disappearing from our streets and neighbourhoods. For some children, community streets and public spaces are unsafe, unappealing or inaccessible for play. This theme explores children’s play in community settings and public spaces, including efforts to revitalize our streets and reinsert children’s play at the heart of our communities. Presntations can include:

  • Play in public spaces
  • Street and neighbourhood play
  • Children’s neighbourhood activities and mobility
  • Parent’s perspectives and concerns around community-based or unsupervised play
  • The impact of changing dynamics in neighbourhoods and communities
  • Design and planning for play and playful public environments
  • Child-friendly and play-friendly cities and streets
  • Challenges of securing open space for play in cities and urban areas
  • Community play provision initiatives
  • Play markets
  • Play in the margins and wild spaces
  • Community consultation and engagement strategies
  • Community play spaces and programs for older youth