4) For child and family health and well-being

Research suggests that a diverse range of child-centred play activities, including active and ‘risky’ play, supports optimal child health and development, but providing challenging opportunities for play also requires attention to concerns for child safety and prevention of injuries. Play and playful environments can also be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, further supporting child and family health. This theme invites submissions addressing such issues and the integrated nature of child, family and community health, including:

  • Healthy play for children, families and communities; play across the lifespan
  • Physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological health impacts of play or play deprivation
  • Therapeutic environments; play in diagnostic practices; play therapy
  • Play safety and risk management or assessment; children’s self-management of risk
  • Risky and challenging play
  • Health benefits of active play; active play initiatives
  • Family play; community play
  • Ensuring time for play
  • Parenting and play; playful parenting