IPA Triennial World Conference

The IPA Triennial World Conference brings together more than 650 dedicated play researchers, practitioners and advocates from more than 30 countries to celebrate play, understand its many benefits, exchange ideas and inspire action to provide all children with the chance to engage in rich, meaningful, free play.

The event brings together a diverse group of participants from across the entire play spectrum including play researchers, advocates, designers, educators, providers and policymakers.

Content contributions to the conference were made from a variety of dedicated play experts who are devoted to promoting a child’s right to play, and studying or supporting children’s play or play environments. This includes examining play from the areas of play provision and recreation, health, learning and education, policy and advocacy, as well as design and planning.

We are working hard to bring you the most informative sessions, the best keynote speakers and the most interesting discussions about play! We will continue to update the conference schedule  so please check back regularly.