Play Events

To further enrich the IPA Triennial Conference program, the committee will offer several free Play Events throughout the week of September 12-15 for the delegates, their families and Calgarians. Through these events, we will showcase the various organizations in Calgary and the tremendous work they do around promoting, supporting and encouraging play.


The IPA Triennial Conference, Local Arrangements and Hosting Committee will be soliciting organizations to host free community Play Day events at Olympic Plaza. These events will be open for IPA delegates, their families and all Calgarians. Successful candidates should be able to meet the following expectations:

  1. Host a free, two hour, outdoor play event for up to two hundred participants
  2. Activities will focus on free play. Free play is any activity that is freely chosen, intrinsically motivated and self lead
  3. Activities will adhere to one of the following themes:
  4. Tuesday, September 12 – Outdoor and Nature
    • Wednesday, September 13 – Community and Public Space
    • Thursday, September 14 – Child and Family
    • Friday, September 15 – Right to Play

Organizations that wish to participate in the IPA Triennial Conference Play Events but are unable to host a large scale event, are able to submit an amended proposal to the host committee and will be considered by the committee based on value and vision of the program

Funding is available to those organizations which wish to participate. Project Budgets should not exceed $2000 and should include all professional fees and materials to execute the event. Marketing for the Play events will be done through the IPA 2017 Planning committee as well as the successful organizations via their own marketing channels.

Proposals should be submitted in electronic format (preferably PDF) – Please click here to apply.


For additional enquiries and submission of completed forms please contact:

Sarah Jessup
Co-Chair, Public Play Activations
(403) 366-3942

The closing date for applications is May 12, 2017

All proposals will be reviewed by a Steering Committee and all contributors will be notified by May 19, 2017.